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I'm a seasoned AV manager with experience in managing staff and technology in fast paced corporate environments. I would like to obtain a position that will enable me to apply my deep interest and experience in video, audio and web conferencing technologies, unified communication and A/V in the enterprise.


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Thank you for the excellent support provided at the firm’s Annual Meeting this pastweekend. Your contributions are important to making our meetings run smoothly and successfully,

and your exceptional efforts, skill, goodwill, and dedication are very much appreciated."


A Senior Partner



"I would like to thank you for your contribution in making yesterday's event so incredibly successful. The comments from our alumni and lawyers have been uniformly superlative. I am fully aware of the effort you and your team put into a full day's program.

For that, I am doubly appreciative."


A Director 



I recently designed, intagrated and lauched new team rooms with video conference for our administrative staff in NY and new fully AV integrated conference rooms in Seoul, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi for our lawyers and support staff. 


Last year I moved the firm's video conferecing infrastructure to two of our data centers. I installed new virtual apliances instead of our video gatekeeper hardware and moved our video traffic off a dedicated (and expensive) network onto the firm's data and voice network. Project cost 50K. Savings 1.5M.


More details in my projects page.

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